Elaflex Fuel Dispensing Nozzles and Spare Parts

Elaflex, Комплектующие Elaflex, заправочные пистолеты Elaflex


About the company

The modern German company Elaflex was started in 1923. It began with a small family business, which specialized in supplying equipment for fleet and shipyards. Now Elaflex, having gone through a successful way of development, is one of the 5 world leaders that specialize in producing and supplying components for fuel transfer, fuelling nozzles and other accessories for fuel dispensers.

Goods, produced by Elaflex, among which the most famous are fuelling nozzles, are popular all over the world. Customers note high quality and reliability of the equipment, individual approach to each client and high professionalism in choosing necessary systems for gas stations.

In the wide range of goods by Elaflex one can find all the necessary equipment for full work of the gas station: fuelling nozzles connectors, compensators, hose equipment. A hallmark of Elaflex goods is using only modern and quality materials, as well as the unique construction of the equipment, which is convenient not only for usage but also for servicing.

Fuel Dispensing Nozzles and Spare Parts

Genuine spare parts supply is one of our key work directions. Genuine Elaflex fuel dispensing nozzles spare parts will help you to minimize failure and halting and get maximum equipment lifetime. We offer genuine spare parts available and to order. Our advantage: the best delivery time, wide range of positions available, well experienced personnel and reasonable prices. Contact us to get more information about all the offers, to find out our prices and delivery time, to get an advice on components.

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Elaflex. Fuel Dispensing Nozzles