KPS Plastic Pipeline

KPS, пластиковый трубопровод для АЗС

About the company

KungsörsPlast AB (KPS)is a company with a very long history of innovations. KPS has developed new products for over one hundred years already. Since the 50-s the company has been producing specialized plastic products. The first fuel hose was made in 1978, and following it in 1981 there was the first plastic pipeline for the gasoline station. These were thick-walled polyethylene pipes without a sealing layer. Today multilayered pipes are 1000 times less liable to leakage and equipped with a conducting layer to provide electrostatic safety. Double wall pipes give additional safety, as they can be inspected for containment. KPS PetrolPipe System has turned into a very developed system of double wall conducting pipes, fittings, welding sockets and chambers. The people who started KPS, come from a small town by the lake surrounded by forests and agricultural land. In such places where you have business, social activities or family- all of it influences the well-being of your business.

KPS was aquired by OPW in 2013.




Tools & Equipment


Wayne_ТРК_all V_зч_2012.pdf kps installation manual 8.0 russian web.pdf
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Installation manual, v. 8.0 (Rus)
WM011948 Global Star 3.pdf kps product catalog 2012-01-30 russian web 3.pdf
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KPS product catalog (Rus)
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Safer and easier with conductive piping 2012 (Rus)
wm016047 Global Century.pdf ТехОборудование. Решения КПС 2013.pdf
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TehOborudovanie’s recomendation for Russian market (Rus)