OPW level gauges

Уровнемеры, OPW, Уровнемеры OPW


About the company

OPW,  Dover Company (NYSE: DOV) is a widely known company which specializes in producing a wide range of fuel equipment, components and fittings, above- and underground, as well as level controllers and other measuring tools for tanks, modern automated fuel management system

Ohio Pattern Works & Foundry Company – this is what the modern company OPW was called when it first appeared in 1892. In a short period by the beginning of 1930, a quickly developing business had become one of the most reliable suppliers of tabs, clutches, valves and other oil refinery equipment. In 1948 the company changed its name and started producing products using the modern brand OPW.

Having rich experience and more than a century old history, the company OPW now offers their clients a wide range of quality equipment for gas stations. The company management divides their work into three main areas: OPW Fueling Components (OPW-FC) – this division offers taps and other fuel accessories. OPW Fueling Containment Systems (OPW-FCS) specializes in producing storage systems and transportation of fuel that include pipelines and tanks. And OPW Fuel Management Systems (OPW-FMS) is a famous producer of level gauging system.

Level gages

The OPW company is one of the leading suppliers of systems of fuel level gages and monitoring of functioning of gas stations. SiteSentinel system exists in two variants. Level controller SiteSentinel iTouch is focused on work with small and medium gas stations. The second varient, SiteSentinel iSite, keeps record of fuel and general monitoring big gas stations, transfer points and bulk plants.
All measurements, made with the above level controllers, are carried out with the help of a high-accuracy magnetostrictive probe, which is equipped with a density sensor and floats for indexation of fuel and bottom water. Besides, if the client desires, the system can have additional sensors, which control functioning of the gas station.

Fuel management systems OPW SiteSentinel allow to:

  • Have constant control over quality and quantity of the fuel that is in tanks of the gas station, as well as control the process of delivery and placing of fuel into the tanks. It is important to note that monitoring takes place in several ways: fuel mass or its volume with temperature correction taken into account.
  • Implement 6 levels of alarms if there are any changes in fuel or bottom water level.
  • Perform integration of data, received in the result of research, into book-keeping systems.
  • Control functioning of the gas station as well as manage fuel supplies remotely, using special software and the Internet access.


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