Wayne replacement parts

Genuine spare parts supply is one of our key work directions. Genuine  Wayne spare parts will help you to minimize failure and halting and get maximum equipment lifetime. We offer genuine spare parts available and to order. Our advantage: the best delivery time, wide range of positions available, well experienced personnel and reasonable prices. Contact us to get more information about all the offers, to find out our prices and delivery time, to get an advice on components.


You can find necessary replacement part in the catalogues or contact us and we will try to help you.

Wayne_ТРК_all V_зч_2012.pdf WM029611 Wayne Global Star V 2012.pdf
4832КБ      Download
Global Star V HHR, HH, LPG, B2B, AdBlue® (ENG)
2012-03-02 Rev.02.10
WM011948 Global Star 3.pdf WM011948 Global Star 3.pdf
5251КБ      Download
Global Star LHR, and HH – phase 3 (ENG)
2006-02-21 Rev.02.1
wm016047 Global Century.pdf WM016047 Global Century.pdf
5179КБ      Download
Global Century phase 3 replacement parts catalogue (ENG)
2007-10-22 Rev.02.5

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