Global Star V

Disp_global-star-v-heroThe current generation of the Global Star series popular in the Russian market produced since 2009. High reliability design, wide range of configurations and options and modern design make this model one of the most attractive offerings in the market. Before the advent of a new global line of Helix, Global Star fuel dispensers used to be mostly recommended Wayne product in Russia.


  • The traditional single hydraulic module by Wayne consisting of a pump and dual gauge volume
  • Removable side panels and hinged cap of the electronic head ensure easy maintenance
  • High unification can significantly reduce the range of spare parts for fuel dispensers
  • High degree of protection from abuse
  • The line also offers Global Star fuel dispensers for filling LPG and compressed natural gas CNG
The proposed configuration
Number of products   1/2/3/4/5
Capacity, l / min  40/40-70/130
Dispenser type  suction / discharge
Mechanism for hose return yes / no
Side type unilateral / bilateral
Enclosure type direct 90 ° / 60 ° oblique


  • VR vapor return system for petrol
  • The satellite SAT stand for diesel fuel
  • Screw flowmeter Xflo
  • Graphic design on request

Standard specification:

  • 3-line double-sided liquid crystal display
  • Display for issued fuel prices
  • Slimline frostproof hoses
  • Automatic refueling nozzle ZVA
  • Protective break-away couplings SSB (CSB)
  • Dosing proportional solenoid valve
  • Electromechanical totalising counters
  • Heating for electronics
  • Flexible bellows unit for suction type dispenser
  • Gun holder with LOCK device
  • Replacement filter elements
  • Inscriptions in Russian
  • Control panel

Our managers are ready to help you in choosing the appropriate fuel dispenser configuration. T


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