Wayne solutions for LPG/CNG

Wayne is a recognized provider of natural gas filling stations. Wayne offers equipment for both types of gas stations : LPG and CNG.

Dispensers for filling with liquefied petroleum gas LPG (propane-butane) and compressed natural gas CNG (methane) are based on the lines of the dispenser for liquid motor fuel and unified with them in design and construction. This allows us to offer the highest quality product at a more affordable price. Unified design is best suited for mixed gas stations , as well as networks that include both gas and traditional station. Unification provides additional advantages in the field of service equipment.

Filling station with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), have become commonplace. For such stations Wayne offers dispensers of Global Star and Global Century lines.

Compressed natural gas, also referred to as CNG , is the most eco-friendly type of gaseous fuel. Modern technology has led to the car gas equipment for compressed methane the same convenient and easy, as well as equipment for propane-butane mixture. Along with the increasing number of vehicles fueled CNG grows and the number of CNG filling stations. For the same stations Wayne offers dispenser of Global Star line.

If you need to choose the equipment for gas stations, contact TehOborudovanie and our managers will help you to choose the most suitable Wayne gas dispenser.


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Wayne LPG (RUS)
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Wayne CNG (Eng)