Gas station service

A gas station and a car wash can work long and smoothly only with proper operation and timely maintenance. Gas stations and car wash maintenance in many European countries is given to particularized maintenance companies. They make regular maintenance and repair of fuel dispensers, car wash equipment, fuel supply management system. Maintenance companies can also provide services to plumbing, sewerage, air conditioning etc.
Outsourcing maintenance companies has proven to be a highly effective management strategy and help to reduce operating costs, prevent from fuel theft and other loss, connected with human factor. Besides a gas station or a carwash staff gets rid of additional tasks and can focus at their main task completely.

Our personnel is highly qualified and well experienced, and that allows our company to service any gas station or carwash well and quickly and solve any problems even uncommon ones, with individual approach to every client.

Complex service for gas stations

Installation and start up

Level gauge service

Car wash service