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Wayne Fueling Systems, known under the name of Wayne, A GE Energy Business (2011-2014) and Dresser Wayne (before 2011), proved itself to be a reliable supplier of high quality fuel dispensers.

The history of Wayne on the fueling equipment started in 1891 in the USA. They produced the first and very actual for that moment equipment for a gas station that year. They opened their first plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1910. And then Wayne introduced the first “visible” pump which allowed motorists controlling the amount of gas going into their tanks.

Solomon Dresser established the company named Dresser Industries in 1880 in Bradford, Pennsylvania. After a merger of Wayne Oil Tank and Pump Company with Dresser Industries in 1968 the corporation Dresser Wayne was established. Ljungmans verkstäder, well known in Russia facility specializing in oil and fuel equipment, located in Malmö Sweden since 1924, became a part of the Dresser Wayne corporation in1970.

Nowadays Wayne has office and manufacturing locations throughout the world. Wayne production has increasing demand and high quality standards which many manufacturers try to look up to.

Wayne office in Russia was opened in 1994. Due to rich experience of Wayne engineers, their ability of correct assessing the situation and solving any problems, Wayne equipment was quickly adapted to exploitation in Russia with its special climate. That’s why Wayne fuel dispensers have become the leader of the Russian market.

Our company cooperates with Wayne closely and we offer the whole range of equipment and parts for Wayne fuel dispensers.

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